Yinjian Chen

@YinTokey // Beijing,China

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AR_Shooting_target screenshot


A 3D game base on ARKit

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YTDropMenu screenshot


A drop menu with cancel button. Easy to use, support single selection and multiple selection. You can also set background color and icon image.

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SougouReading screenshot


Imitate a novel APP. Now I have completed those function: most of UI, webView, search fictions, add fictions to shelf and reading first chapter. If you like it, you can star my project. You can als...

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WeiChuang-SmartHome screenshot


A smart home controller with beautiful UI. Which base on TCP.First of all, register an account, them click the setting button to connect the server.

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CollectionViewCell-animation screenshot


Delete UICollectionViewCell with 8 different Animations.I used CoreAnimation to realize its function. Long press cells,until cells vibrate,click the delete button then you can delete the cell what...

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