Tom Irving

@thermogl // United Kingdom

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TISpringLoadedView screenshot


Some UIView subclasses which behave as though they're attached to a spring

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PullToRefreshTransform screenshot


Example of how to do the pull to refresh seen in the Twittelator Neue app.

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TISwipeableTableView screenshot


Allows you to swipe a UITableViewCell and reveal a back view, as seen in the "Twitter" app.

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TITokenField screenshot


An iOS replacement for the NSTokenField available on Mac OS X. Works just like the To: field in Mail and Messages. <p>LICENSE</p> <p>This control is dual licensed: </p> <ul><li> You can use it for free under the <a href="https://github.com/thermogl/TITokenField">license available on gitHub </a>or, </li> <li> if you need to remove the attribution –or be generous and show your gratitude to the author who saved you some time- you can purchase the <a href="http://store.cocoacontrols.com/purchase/14/source"> commercial licence </a>available here too. </li></ul>

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