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Name Version License Summary Requires ARC OS X Target iOS Target
500px-iOS-api 1.0.5 MIT A simple SDK for accessing the 500px API. Yes
A2DynamicDelegate 2.0.2 BSD Blocks are to functions as A2DynamicDelegate is to delegates. No
A2StoryboardSegueContext 1.0.1 BSD Supplement your segues' identifier strings with context objects. No
A3GridTableView Small_logo 0.0.1 Fast UIScrollView subclass which presents its cells in a GridView. No
A3ParallaxScrollView Small_logo 1.0.1 MIT A UIScrollview subclass with a high performance parallax scrolling effect Yes 7.0
AAActivityAction 1.0.2 MIT Reeder like action sheet. Yes
AAImageUtils 0.1.0 Simple framework to let your application's launch image fade-out to its initial view. Yes
AALaunchTransition Small_logo 0.1.3 Simple framework to let your application's launch image fade-out to its initial view. Yes
AAPullToRefresh 1.0.2 MIT All around pull to refresh library. Yes
AAShareBubbles Small_logo 1.0.3 Animated Social share buttons control for iOS Yes
ABCalendarPicker Small_logo 1.1.2 MIT Fully configurable iOS calendar UI component with multiple layouts and smooth animations. Yes
ABContactHelper 0.1 BSD Objective-C Address Book wrapper. Yes
ABCustomUINavigationController Small_logo 1.0 Custom UINavigationController. SquaresFlips and Cube effects Yes
ABFullScrollViewController Small_logo 1.0 Subclass of ViewController that provide the behaviour of hide the toolbar when user makes scroll in a UITableView. Yes
ABGetMe 1.0.0 ABGetMe implementation for iOS using undocumented APIs (safely). Yes
AblelyCommon 0.1.0 MIT Common category and helper classes Yes
ABMultiton 2.0.3 Multiton is a better alternative to singleton. Yes 10.7 5.0
ABPadLockScreen Small_logo 3.1.0 MIT A simple, stylish keypad lock screen for your iPhone or iPad App No 5.0
ABRequestManager 0.0.1 Lightweight and extensible request manager for iOS/OS X. Yes 10.7 5.0
ABSQLite 1.2.0 ABSQLite is an Objective-C wrapper to SQLite making it easy to use the database. Yes
ABStaticTableViewController 1.1.0 MIT Dynamically hide rows and sections in static UITableView inside UITableViewController. Yes
ABTest Small_logo 0.0.5 MIT A framework to quickly add remotely controlled and monitored A/B Tests to your application Yes 5.0
ABTestingVessel 0.9.3 Vessel A/B Testing for mobile application.. Yes
AccordionView Small_logo 0.0.3 Simple accordion view in Cocoa Touch Yes
ACDataViews 0.0.5 Apache License, Version 2.0 Simple and Powerful data management model for NSTableView to make simpler and faster to use Yes 10.7
ACDCryptsyAPI 1.0.0 Objective-C implementation of Cryptsy API for iOS. No
ACEAutocompleteBar Small_logo 1.0.0 Simple UITextFlied category to display text suggestions in real-time on the top of the virtual keyboard. No
ACECoreDataManager 0.0.3 Core data manager. Yes 10.7 5.0
ACECoreDataNetworkTableViewController 0.0.2 Adding pull to refresh to the table view controller included in the ACECoreDataManager. Yes
ACEDrawingView Small_logo 1.2.0 An open source iOS component to create a drawing app. Yes