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ALTabBarController is a completely customizable TabBarController, that allows you to set the tab bar's height, background color or image, and a fully-colored image for any tab.

ALTabBarItems are buttons, so you can set their normal, highlighted and selected images; if the first and the last buttons in the tab bar use semi-transparent PNG images, the resulting tab bar will have a custom shape instead of being a squared, rectangular, black & white bar!

Not enough? The ALTabBarController allows you to have more than the standard 5 tabs, it has built-in slide-in/slide-out and fade-in/fade-out animations, and it allows to have buttons that you can use for custom actions instead of switching from the current view controller to another one (something that is also supported though, of course).


  • More than 5 tabs
  • Custom tab images
  • Custom height
  • Custom tab actions
  • Can be shown & hidden
  • Built-in animations


  • Documentation
  • Demo project
  • Free updates
  • Free support

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