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Chameleon is a lightweight, yet powerful, flat color framework for iOS. It is built on the idea that software applications should function effortlessly while simultaneously maintaining their beautiful interfaces.

Chameleon is the first and only color framework on the market that focuses its full attention and efforts on "flat colors". With Chameleon, you can easily forget about UIColor RGB values, wasting hours figuring out the right color combinations to use in your app, and worrying about whether your text will be readable on the various background colors of your app.


  • 100% Flat Color Support
  • 24 Hand-Picked Flat Colors in Both Light x Dark Shades
  • Flat Color Schemes (Analogous, Complementary, Triadic)
  • Color-Aware Text (Transforms text to either black or white depending on the color behind it)
  • Color-Aware Status Bar
  • Flatify Feature (With a single line of code transform every color on the screen to the flat version of itself!)
  • Cocoapods Support
  • Storyboard Support
  • Xcode Quick Help Documentation
  • Gradient Colors

Cocoa Pods
pod 'ChameleonFramework'