HTKUltimateParentalGate for iOS by Henry T Kirk

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The Ultimate Parental Gate is designed to help block children from accessing in app purchases within an app. Most "Parental Gates" simply ask a math question or provide a question that a child can figure out by randomly selecting an item on the screen. This is unique in it requires both math and dexterity skills to succeed, which typically a child does not have at a young age.

The way it works is a view is presented to the user, which asks a simple math question in sentence form. The possible answers are displayed inside a number of balls that move around the screen at a random rate. The user has to then tap the answer and drag it to a small square in the corner of the view before time runs out. If the user selects the wrong answer too many times, it will exit the gate. If the user makes too many overall attempts in a row, it will lock the user out of the app for a few minutes (all of these values are customizable). Thus, making this the "Ultimate" Parental Gate.

This is the same Parental Gate used in the popular special needs app, SpeechBox for iPad ( Therefore, this has been tested for over a year in both home and clinical environments, and have yet had a child get past the gate. This doesn't mean it's perfect, but it provides more security than other solutions.

License: Apache 2.0

Language: Objective-C

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