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An iBeacon Manager library was created to simplify your interactions with iBeacons.

iBeacon is a name of technology that is enabling new location awareness possibilities for apps. "Leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a device with iBeacon technology can be used to establish a region around an object. This allows an iOS device to determine when it has entered or left the region, along with an estimation of proximity to a beacon."

Originally written in Objective-C, recently rewritten in Swift JMCBeaconManager library is available on the Github and CocoaPods. It's published under very permissive BSD license. Although there are many iBeacon libraries what distinct our is an user interface beautifully crafted by Felipe Neves Brito. The library has following features:

  1. Checking the iBeacon permission matrix
  2. Registering & listening for nearby beacons
  3. Detecting nearby beacons
  4. Visualizing nearby beacons in a radar look like custom made user interface.

You can find documentation for the library on Github, and in the source code. We are looking forward to hear from you. Drop us email or comment if you are using the library or if you need any help with using it. Thanks, have fun!

License: BSD

Language: Swift

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