MDRadialProgress for iOS by Marco Dinacci

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A custom UIView useful to represent progress in discrete steps.

Current version 1.3.2.

It has the following features:

  • Draw progress in separated slices or as a single arc.
  • Can customize all colors, the distance of the slices and their thickness.
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise drawing order.
  • Can start progress from any slice, not necessarily from the top.
  • Display a label with the current progress. The label size automatically adapts to the space available and can be customised with a block.
  • Themes support for easier customisation of multiple views.
  • Fully accessible
  • Support iOS 6.0+
  • 4-clause BSD licensed (*)

  • The original BSD allows you to use and redistribute the software in both Open Source and commercial applications, but it requires attribution. Your software must contain, either in the software itself or on the product page and in any advertising material the sentence:

This product includes the MDRadialProgress software component developed by Marco Dinacci. or simply:

This product includes software developed by Marco Dinacci.

I'm aware that some people need a license agreement which does not require attribution. If you’re in that situation, you can easily purchase a non-attribution license from my online license store.

If the original BSD license doesn't cut it for you please let me know by writing an e-mail at hello AT I'll be happy to help.

License: Custom

Language: Objective-C

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