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Matthias Tretter
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MTDirectionsKit is a framework to draw routes inside your iOS App on top of MKMapView.

MTDirectionsKit is a full-featured, easy to use solution to show directions in your App, directly on top of MKMapView. Not only will your users thank you for not throwing them out of your App, it will also distinguish your App from all the others that don't offer this functionality.

A demo project of MTDirectionsKit can be found at


  • - Easy to integrate
  • - Automatically detects metric or the imperial measurement system
  • - Does all computations in either kilometers or miles, depending on user preference
  • - Can be used with Google Directions API and MapQuest Open Directions API
  • - Fully configurable
  • - Can add intermediate goals along your route
  • - Fast: Uses GCD and parses the data in the background
  • - Hand crafted graphic compatible with retina display



MTDirectionsKit needs the following to compile:

  • - Xcode ≥ 4.3,
  • - iOS Base SDK ≥ 5.1
  • - Clang LLVM >= 3.1
  • It doesn't work with the old LLVM GCC compiler. MTDirectionsKit works on a deployment target of ≥ iOS 4.0 and can be used in ARC or non-ARC applications.


    There are basically 2 ways to integrate MTDirectionsKit into your App:

  1. - Include the binary framework MTDirectionsKit.framework Just drag MTDirectionsKit.framework onto the Frameworks-group of your App, you don't need to setup a User Header Search Path or a Target Dependency.
  2. - Add MTDirectionsKit.xcodeproj as a dependency

Either way, you'll need to add the following to you target libraries found under Build Phases:

  • - CoreLocation.framework
  • - MapKit.framework
  • - libxml2.dylib

CHANGELOG for version 1.7.0 (Released on May 13th, 2013)

  • NEW Support for the Google Maps SDK for iOS
  • NEW Changed MTDDirectionsSupportsAppleMaps() to MTDDirectionsUsesAppleMaps() and changed semantics: returns NO, if the Google Maps SDK for iOS is present
  • FIX Fixed a possible crash when deallocating an instance of MTDMapView while directions are currently requested
  • FIX Fixed a bug affecting MTDDirectionsSetLocale() when called very early in the lifecycle of your app
  • FIX New protocol MTDMapView, changed delegate calls from (MTDMapView *) to (id)

Language: Objective-C


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