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MultiProductViewer implements a GUI for displaying multiple App Store products in a scrolling list. By tapping on a product, the user is taken to a page where they can see more info about the app and purchase it, using SKStoreProductViewController.


This functionality was originally (in iOS 5 and iOS 6) implemented by SKStoreProductViewController itself. You could just pass it your company identifier, and it would present all of your company's products in a list, and let the user drill down to get more info and purchase apps. Starting with iOS 7, that functionality is no longer supported, so we wrote this class to add it back.

What it does:

Not content with just imitating the old behavior, we've improved it by showing a larger icon, and giving the user the ability to include a small piece of text for each app. In this way, you can give a little more info on the list view. Also, we let you pick exactly which apps you want to show, and group them together.