QuadCurveMenu (Burtlo)

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A fork of the original QuadCurveMenu, now AwesomeMenu, that is more configurable and extendable. I proposed a pull request and this was not what the original author had intended to create.

  • ARC Enabled

  • Menu can display menu items in a radial, linear or customizable direction.

  • Menu items are automatically medallion-ized (AGMedallionView) so custom medallion-ized images do not have to be created.

  • Menu will generate delegate events for willExpand, didExpand, willClose, and didClose.

  • Menu will ask a delegate shouldExpand before expanding and shouldClose before closing

  • Menu will generate events for tap (didTapMenu) and long press (didLongPressMenu)

  • Menu is composed with individual, customizable animations for expand, close, selected, and unselected.