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RequestCacher is a ready to use data caching module for iOS5+

RequestCacher automatically does the following, for you:

  • caches data fast
  • creates a local database to keep track of stored data
  • stores data on the local storage
  • refetches data, if necessary
  • self maintainable

Practically a no brainer set-up (ex: image caching):

  • Add the files to your project
  • Use the custom UIImageView control
  • Give it an url or an array of them
  • Done

Takes care of:

  • Cache file managing
  • Database managing
  • Expired data checking, which may need to be refetched
  • Automatically cleans data, if the cache size exceedes a specified size limit
  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • Multithreading
  • Managing multiple ongoing and unfinished requests.
  • GETing or POSTing data.
  • Async data downloading