SwiperView for iOS

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Swiper View is a class that provides simple and easy-to-use swipable view.

Swiper View is a UIDynamics-based UIView subclass that provides multiple layers of UIViews with different visual effects.

Swiper View consists of:

  • The view itself
  • Content view to which UIVisualEffects are applied
  • Topmost view (which is a content view) to which readable UI elements should be added
  • UIDynamicsAnimator that handles:
    • UICollisionBehavior that restricts movement of the content view
    • UIDynamicItemBehavior that restricts rotation of the content view
    • UISnapBehavior that attaches center of the content view with base view
  • UIPanGestureRecognizer that reacts on user interaction
  • UILabels for:
    • Left item
    • Right item
    • Text on topmost item