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In-app web browser for iOS. There are already some solutions to this problem out there but non of them offers this features. First, this solution solves the well-known UIWebView bug that causes erratic behavior when combining "zooming operations" and "landscape orientation". Moreover, the solution presented is highly customizable.

TSMiniWebBrowser offers the following features:

  • Back and forward buttons
  • Reload button (optional)
  • Activity indicator while page is loading
  • Action button to open the current page in Safari (optional)
  • Displays the page title at the navigation bar (optional)
  • Displays the current URL at the top of the “Open in Safari” action sheet (optional)
  • Customizable bar style: default, black, black translucent.

As you can see, there are some items that are “optional”. That means that you can configure the browser to display or not those items, depending on your app needs.

Moreover, TSMiniWebBrowser supports 2 presentation modes:

  • Navigation controller mode. Using this mode you can push the browser to your navigation controller.
  • Modal mode. Using this mode you can present the browser modally. A title bar with a dismiss button will be automatically added.