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TSTableView is UI component for displaying multi columns tabular data with support of hierarchical rows and columns structure. It provides smooth animations for item selection and dynamic content modification. Some features are listed below:

  • Suport muti columns data structure.
  • Support hierarchical column definition (i.e. column may have subsections).
  • Support hierarchical row definition (i.e. row may have expand subrows).
  • Optimized to display big sets of data: row and cell views are cached internally and reused during scrolling.
  • Support row and column selection.
  • Allow modification of column width by sliding column border.
  • Allow expand/collapse subrows content.
  • Support simple declarative syntax for columns and rows content definition.
  • Providing your own implementation of TSTableViewDataSource protocol will allow you fully customise structure and appearance of the table.
  • Default TSTableViewModel implements TSTableViewDataSource protocol and includes two built in styles (see screenshots).

The easiest way to integrate component is using CocoaPods. Just add this to your Podfile:

pod 'TSUIKit', '~> 0.1'