Typhoon for iOS

A new dependency injection container for Objective-C. Light-weight, yet powerful, full-featured and super-easy to use.

  • Non-invasive. No macros or XML required - uses powerful Objective-C run-time.

  • No magic strings - hooks into your IDE support enabling refactoring and compile-time checking.

  • Dependencies declared in any order. (The order that makes sense to humans).

  • Allows both dependency injection (injection of classes defined in the DI context) as well as configuration management (values that get converted to the required type at runtime). Because this allows. . .

  • No fragmented qualifier macros, modules, etc. Makes it easy to have multiple configurations of the same base-class or protocol.

  • Application assembly - the wiring of dependencies and configuration management - is all encapsulated in a convenient document. At the same time this document can be grouped into chapters. Now you know where to look if you need to change something.

  • Supports both initializer and property injection. In the case of the latter, it has customizable call-backs to ensure that the class is in the required state before and after properties are set.

  • Lean. It has a very low footprint, so is appropriate for CPU and memory constrained devices.

License: Apache 2.0

Language: Objective-C

Platform: iOS

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