Web Browser View Controller for iOS

iPhone apps often have the need to show a web page, and the easiest way to implement this is to have the page opened in Safari. The problem with this, is that now your customer is stuck in Safari, and they might not know how to get back into your app. This project gives you all the boilerplate code you need to create a smooth experience opening web pages within your app, and seamlessly get back with one click.

  • Opening a URL from within a method – useful for opening links triggered by a UIButton or UITableView.
  • Opening a URL from within a UITextView – useful for links embedded within text strings that UITextView can automatically identify and turn into clickable hyperlinks.
  • Opening a URL from within a UIWebView – useful for when you are using a UIWebView to render formatted text in your application with hyperlinks.

You can still open a URL in Safari if you would like, using:

[(MyApplication*)[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url forceOpenInSafari:YES];

License: MIT

Language: Objective-C

Platform: iOS

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