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MUSleepGraph screenshot


This is a unique library to present data per week

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MVFollow screenshot


MVFollow is a lightweight drop-in solution that allows you to follow people on Twitter.

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MXLCalendarManager screenshot


A set of classes used to parse and handle iCalendar (.ICS) files

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MZRSlideInMenu screenshot


This is a simple slide-in menu. When the button tapped, the menu slides in from left or right. You can use this like UIActionSheet - but simpler to use;) The button size changes when the button ...

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NetworkActivityIndicator screenshot


More easily interface with the network activity indicator in the status bar.UIApplication category and demo app.

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NGRValidator screenshot


Validation has never been as easy as now! NGRValidator allows you to validate the data in the way you want! It's easy to read (even for non-developers), centralized and complex solution to valid...

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NYSliderPopover screenshot


A UISlider Category to display a popover with text above slider. Appears and disappears automatically at the touch, accompanies the slider by dragging.

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OMAMovingAnnotations screenshot


Moving annotations for iOS MapView

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OpinionzAlertView screenshot


Beautiful customizable alert view with blocks

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PAImageView screenshot


Rounded async imageview downloader based on AFNetworking 2 and lightly cached

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