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UICollectionViewRightAlignedLayout screenshot


A layout for UICollectionView that aligns the cells to the right.

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Metronome screenshot


A metronome application that does the job. It uses a given Beats Per Minute (BPM) and Beats Per Circle (BPC) to generate tick and tock sounds.

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OMAMovingAnnotations screenshot


Moving annotations for iOS MapView

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UICollectionViewLeftAlignedLayout screenshot


A layout for UICollectionView that aligns the cells to the left

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DIDatepicker screenshot


Yet another datepicker for iOS.

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THPinViewController screenshot


iOS 7 style PIN screen for iPhone and iPad that can be displayed modally whenever the user needs to authenticate, e.g. when accessing a specially protected part of your app. Features -------- * Has iPhone portrait and iPad portrait and landscape layouts * Supports variable PIN lengths * Buttons can show numbers and letters or only numbers * Background and tint colors as well as text and color of the prompt can be customized * Supports solid color and translucent/blurred background

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iTunesPicker screenshot


A complete app to discover, search and compare rankings for apps (iPhone,iPad,Mac), books, movies, music videos and music from iTunes in any available country. iTunes charts are available only for your country, with iTunesPicker you can discover apps (and others items) in the world rankings and compare the position (top 200 is the iTunes API limit) for an app (book,movie,music,music video) in the world rankings. You can include iTunesPicker as component (AppCornerKit) in your app to encourage the download of your others apps (without breaking the approval rule 2.25), you can show your others apps in the App Store with a few lines of code.

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RBImagePickerController screenshot


This controller can be used to pick one or more images from the photo library.

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STXDynamicTableView screenshot


An Instagram-inspired table view to display a photo stream. STXDynamicTableView is designed to solve the common use case to display a feed of photos with their corresponding likes, caption, and comments. http://engineering.2359media.net/blog/2014/04/16/rebuilding-instagram-feed-table-view/

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RPBorderlessSegmentedControl screenshot


A replica of Xcode 5's toolbar segmented controls.

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