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TLAlertView screenshot


A simple and light replacement for UIAlertView with block based completion handlers and a 3D dismiss animation. Use as is or customize the colors as you need them(colors also responds to UI APPEARA...

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TNColorScrollViewController screenshot


A view controller for Objective-C which creates a scrollview with view with different background colors.

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TOInsetGroupedTableView screenshot


An iOS 12 back-port of the grouped inset table view style in iOS 13.

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TQMultistageTableView screenshot


TQMultistageTableView是一个分3层的列表控件,第一层点击后,可展开第二层列表,第二层点击可展开第三层视图。层之间展开和关闭是互斥的,同时只有一个展开的列表层级。支持最低IOS版本为 IOS6.0 。

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TRMultipanelViewController screenshot


iOS panel view controller with left and right side panels. You can customize left, right and center views.

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TRSDialScrollView screenshot


A highly customizable UIScollView dial control. It conforms to the UIAppearance protocol for global application customization.

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TRZSlideLicenseViewController screenshot


iOS horizontal scroll view controller for displaying the licenses managed by Cocoapods.

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TSActivityIndicatorView screenshot


This is very simple view class that looks like an UIActivityIndicatorView but is fully customizable. It's great for you if you want to add indicator view to you game or app and it should be customi...

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TTWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that allows you to set a custom tint color for the titlebar

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Twitter Network Layer screenshot

Twitter Network Layer

Twitter Network Layer is a scalable and feature rich network layer built on top of NSURLSession for Apple platforms

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