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Typeset screenshot


Deal with AttributedString efficiently. https://github.com/Draveness/Typeset

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UIActivityLabel screenshot


Label with ActivityIndicator

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UIButton + Bootstrap 3.0 styles screenshot

UIButton + Bootstrap 3.0 styles

Simple UIButton category that adds nice and flat Bootstrap 3.0 button styles. No subclass, no images. Quartz Core drawing. Highly customizable. Credits BButton by mattlawer: https://github...

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UIFontWDCustomLoader screenshot


An iOS custom font loader

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UIImageAlertController screenshot


UIViewController extension class (Objective-C) for picking / displaying images from the Photo Library (UIImagePickerController).

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UIImageBlink screenshot


This is an iOS control for blinking/ flashing / toggle/ pulsing. I extended UIImage because I needed to make blinking and flashing eyes. included is a sample project that shows simple usage, ho...

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UIImage+Dummy screenshot


UIImage+Dummy category provides method to create dummy image. UIImage *image1 = [UIImage imageNamed:@"dummy.150x200"]; UIImage *image2 = [UIImage imageNamed:@"dummy.150x200.#407EFF"]; UIIm...

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UITabbarItem-CustomBadge screenshot


A refined replacement of UITabbarItem badge.

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UITableViewController-Containment-Demo screenshot


This is a sample project showing how to contain a UITableViewController in another VC with a Search Bar + Display Controller working as if it were all in a UITableViewController.

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UITextViewExtras screenshot


Collection of convenience methods for finding the paths and locations of text in UITextView. * Calculate the bounding path (or CGRect) of a character, word, sentence, line or paragraph at given ...

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