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FlipTransform screenshot


Animation component for the effect of flipping as in a news/clock ticker, or a page turn. Structured around the idea of a data object (i.e. headline in news, number in a clock, page in a book) a...

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LKBadgeView screenshot


LKBadgeView class draws text on round rect 'badge'.

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Location Map screenshot

Location Map

A Design pattern to show the locations and map in an efficient way, the UI mimics Foursquare's checkin view.

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MADayView screenshot


MADayView is a daily view for displaying events.

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MMGridView screenshot


MMGridView is a simple grid view / dashboard like UI component for iOS.

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TDRatingScale screenshot


The TDRatingScale is similar to regular UISlider except that it has some best custom graphics which is more intuitive.The purpose of this custom slider is to provide mechanism for getting input fro...

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TreeMapKit screenshot


A treemap implementation for Cocoa Touch. You can display treemaps in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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Accordion screenshot


Tired of UINavigationController? Accordion might be an alternative!. Accordion is a small library for iOS that implements file navigation using accordions.

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ALRadial screenshot


ALRadial is meant to replicate the radial menu's found in the path ios app. a central button is used to display many buttons flung out in a circle. video: http://youtu.be/9uszKz4Ct8U

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AMWaveTransition screenshot


Custom transition between viewcontrollers holding tableviews. Each cell is animated to simulate a 'wave effect'.

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APExtendedScrollView screenshot


A subclass of UIScrollView with a simple tweak inspired by Groupon. The paging control is shown on the status bar when the scroll view is dragged and hidden when it stops.

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AUIAnimatedText screenshot


A drop-in UILabel replacement that makes almost all text properties animatable by using a CATextLayer instead of CALayer. The important animatable properties are textColor, text, font and fontSize.

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BEMSimpleLineGraph screenshot


iOS library to create simple line graphs/charts (charting library).

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DropDownMultipleSelection screenshot


Single or multiple selection in drop down list.

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FTShare - an easy way to share using Facebook Twitter and Mails screenshot

FTShare - an easy way to share using Facebook Twitter and Mails

FTshare allows you to set up a share instance on your application delegate and then share using the most common social networks (and more to come). It is as easy as setting up your developer accoun...

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FXLabel screenshot


FXLabel improves upon the standard UILabel by providing a subclass that supports soft shadows, inner shadow and gradient fill, and which can easily be used in place of any standard UILabel.

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GC3DFlipTransitionStyleSegue screenshot


iBooks-style 3D flip transition animation rendered in OpenGL ES 2.0 and wrapped in a UIStoryboardSegue subclass.

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iOS Image Editor screenshot

iOS Image Editor

Extensible and configurable iOS View Controller for image cropping. Plug-in your own interface. Features: outputs full image resolution, unlimited pan, zoom and rotation, double tap to reset, han...

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MAImagePickerController screenshot


MAImagePickerController is a flexible replacement of UIImagePickerController with support for filtering, editing, cropping and removing distortion from images.

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MaryPopin screenshot


MaryPopin is a category to present view controllers in a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious way. More precisely, it allows you to present modal-like view controllers with a custom size and a larg...

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PagedFlowView screenshot


A Paging Enabled Flow View, like the screenshots view in iPhone App Store.

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POHorizontalList screenshot


App Store like horizontal view control that can be used in a UITableView

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Sparkle screenshot


An easy-to-use software update framework for Cocoa developers.

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CERoundProgressView screenshot


A progress view which shows its progress a pie-chart.

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IDMPhotoBrowser screenshot


IDMPhotoBrowser is a fork of MWPhotoBrowser that adds features inspired by Facebook and Tweetbot, plus ARC support.

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