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NLImageShowcase screenshot


ImageShowcase is a UIView subclass. It can be easily integrated to any application and almost everything is customizable to fit into any App.Some of its features are, Customizable layout with confi...

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PSCollectionView screenshot


It's a Pinterest style scroll view designed to be used similar to a UITableView. It supports Portrait and Landscape orientations. I built this as a hack to show my friends. Any suggestions or impro...

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RESideMenu screenshot


iOS 7 style side menu inspired by Dribbble shots ([first](http://dribbble.com/shots/1116265-Instasave-iPhone-App) and [second](http://dribbble.com/shots/1114754-Social-Feed-iOS7)).

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CMPopTipView screenshot


Custom UIView for iOS that pops up an animated "bubble" pointing at a button or other view. Useful for popup tips.

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PSStackedView screenshot


Open source implementation of Twitter/iPad stacked ui - done right.

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SASlideMenu screenshot


A simple library to create sliding menus that can be used in storyboards and support static cells. Sliding menus are used in a number of popular applications like Facebook, Path 2.0, Glassboard and...

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CKCalendar screenshot


CKCalendar is an easily customizable calendar/date picker for iOS apps. Style to your liking and include it in your next iPad or iPhone app!

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DTCoreText screenshot


This project aims to duplicate the methods present on Mac OSX which allow creation of NSAttributedString from HTML code on iOS. This is useful for drawing simple rich text like any HTML document wi...

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HCDownload screenshot


Fully-featured download manager and view controller. More features and updates to come.

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KNSemiModalView screenshot


UIViewController+KNSemiModal is an effort to make a replica of semi-modal view plus with pushed-back stacked animation found in the beautiful "Park Guides by National Geographic" app. This libra...

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