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PGPhotoViewer-Swift screenshot


PhotoViewer - paging & zooming

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DynamicBubble screenshot


Interactive Speech Balloon/Bubble view with rich customization UI for app user.

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Login Screen in Swift 4 screenshot

Login Screen in Swift 4

<a href="https://www.iosapptemplates.com/templates/iphone-login-screen-template-swift-3-freebie>iOS Login Screen written in Swift 4</a> - Login with Email & Password, Facebook, and Twitter.

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SegmentedProgressBar screenshot


Snapchat / Instagram Stories like progress indicator

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UIImageView Asynchronously  loading remote images screenshot

UIImageView Asynchronously loading remote images

UIImageView+AsyncLoad is an extension of UIImageView for loading and displaying images asynchronously on iOS. Developer will have a hassle free environment for showing the remote image on imageview without doing much work, more sepcifically not worring about network calls, with out blocking the UI.

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ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality

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KImageView screenshot


LazyImageView loads images from server URL asynchronously to UIImageView.

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CPMenuView screenshot


Simple circle menuview

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Xia screenshot


🌟 Naughty flexible alert view above the navigation bar.

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Unwind screenshot


Unwind is a JSON parsing library inspired by Argo and several others that allows you to parse your JSON by using infix and postfix operators

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