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KJExpandableTableTree screenshot


Provides a tableview cells expansion (expanding cell area - subcells'), you can expand cells up to level ∞-1. Use Dynamic JSON Tree structure to initialise, or use static initialisers - Indexing/Sw...

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LTMorphingLabel (Swift) screenshot

LTMorphingLabel (Swift)

A learning-by-doing Swift project cloning the original Morphing Label of iOS 8 introduced in WWDC 2014.

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PagingMenuController screenshot


Paging view controller with customizable menu in Swift

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PKHUD screenshot


A Swift based reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,…) for iOS 8.

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PTCardTabBar screenshot


Card Style Tab Bar Controller

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Pulsator screenshot


Pulse animation for iOS

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SIFloatingCollection screenshot


SIFloatingCollection is a component that provides logic similar to Apple Music genres selection.

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SSSpinnerButton screenshot


SSSpinnerButton is an elegant button with different spinner animations.

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SwiftSpinner screenshot


A beautiful activity indicator and modal alert written in Swift (originally developed for http://doodledoodle.io) Using blur effects, translucency, flat and bold design - all iOS 8 latest and greatest

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URLEmbeddedView screenshot


URLEmbeddedView automatically caches the object that is confirmed the Open Graph Protocol.

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VBRRollingPit screenshot


Simple, beatiful and interactive UITabBar

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ViewAnimator screenshot


ViewAnimator brings your UI to life with just one line

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WhatsNewKit screenshot


WhatsNewKit enables you to easily showcase your awesome new app features. It's designed from the ground up to be fully customized to your needs.

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DateTimePicker screenshot


A nicer iOS UI component for picking date and time

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GmailStyleAnimation screenshot


This demonstrate the profile presentation and animation of image and user details into navigationbar

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GTSheet screenshot


GTSheet is a a simple, easy to integrate solution for presenting UIViewController in bottom sheet. We handle all the hard work for you-- transitions, gestures, taps and more are all automatically p...

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MABCardsView (Swift) screenshot

MABCardsView (Swift)

A Swift port for https://github.com/zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableView

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MMTabBarAnimation screenshot


Custom TabBar Animation on item

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TextFieldEffects screenshot


I fell in love with the text inputs effects in this article http://tympanus.net/codrops/2015/01/08/inspiration-text-input-effects/. As an exercise I decided to recreate as many of them as I can usi...

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YBSlantedCollectionViewLayout screenshot


YBSlantedCollectionViewLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout allowing the display of slanted content on UICollectionView.

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AGCircularPicker screenshot


AGCircularPicker is helpful component for creating a controller aimed to manage any calculated parameter

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AppStoreLikeExampleSwift3 screenshot


AppStoreLikeExample, TableView Inside ScrollView

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CVCalendar screenshot


A custom visual calendar for iOS 8 written in Swift.

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FloatLabelFields screenshot


Text entry controls which contain a built-in title/label so that you don't have to add a separate title for each field. FloatLabelFields is the Swift implementation of a UX pattern that has come...

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GeometricLoaders screenshot


Fancy and beautiful loaders for you awesome apps!

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