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 SwiftUI-Template-MVVM screenshot


A ready-to-use SwiftUI MVVM template to use when creating a new project, including Core Data and a standard App Configuration. This template is intended to reduce the amount of takes to create and setup a new project with SwiftUI. It includes a sample project that contains: - MVVM Design Architecture (Model - View - ViewModel) with a subfolder for each category, - CoreData setup, - an example Item and its extension for custom methods and computer properties, - Sample views using Core Data objects as ObservedObject, in a List - HomeView - DetailsView - Tests, Feel free to clone this template and to reuse it! XCode, target iOS 13

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CDSideMenu screenshot


CDSideMenu is an elegant and highly customizable side menu library for you app, made with love and SwiftUI (iOS 13+). You can customize these properties: - navigationBarHidden: Will hide the navigationBar. If hidden, a open/close button will be added - accountViewHidden: Will hide the side menu account view, containing the user profile picture, the username, the account and logout buttons: The side menu backgroundColor - menuBackgroundColor: The side menu backgroundColor - menuForegroundColor: The side menu texts and SF images color - viewsBackgroundColor: The content views' backgroundColor - menuFont: The side menu texts font - menuButtonSize: The open/close menu button size - menuSizeFactor: The menu size factor, 1 being half screen size - openedMenuButtonSFImage: The SF image used as the opened side menu button icon - closedMenuButtonSFImage: The SF image used as the closed side menu button icon - menuItems: The list of items to display in the side menu - userData: The ObservableObject user account data, optional

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SimpleEngine screenshot


A simple 2D game engine to make a simple beautiful iOS Games!

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FocusableImageView screenshot


FocusableImageView is a library for creating focusable imageview. Users can focus images by tapping views.

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Kareem screenshot


A Careem app clone using MVVM, RxSwift and Swinject.

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SwiftUIGeometryPractice screenshot


Build Watch face, Circle Text using SwiftUI

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G8 Theme Manager screenshot

G8 Theme Manager

G8 allow to centralize themes and apply styles to your interface and your UIKit objects. Define uniform styles for all your labels, buttons and other views and apply them when you need.

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CalendarHeatmap screenshot


A calendar based heatmap which presenting a time series of data points in colors, inspired by Github contribution chart, and written in Swift.

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MeteorDDP screenshot


MeteorDDP is really helpful to integrate servers written in meteor (a framework written in javascript) using native Swift in iOS.

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TouchIDKit screenshot


A wrapper of TouchID for iOS. This framework is very easy to get started

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