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SPSegmentedControl screenshot


custom SegmentedControl for iOs in Swift

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Swift-Intro screenshot


Swift Intro with auto layout and basic transition

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Swift Popup Dialog screenshot

Swift Popup Dialog

Popup Dialog is a simple alert view, easy to use just like UIAlertController. Additionally Popup Dialog features a lot of customization options to make it meet your needs.

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SwiftWebVC screenshot


SwiftWebVC is a simple inline browser for your Swift iOS app.

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SwiftyJSON screenshot


The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift let json = JSON(data: dataFromNetworking) if let userName = json[0]["user"]["name"].string{ //Now you got your value }

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Telegram Picker screenshot

Telegram Picker

update for Alerts & Pickers

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TWControls screenshot


TWControls is a project that attempts to provide an easy-to-use API to perform actions based on user interaction (SpriteKit). It provides controls like Buttons and Switches. Is written in pure S...

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Typhoon Swift Example screenshot

Typhoon Swift Example

Swift example application for Typhoon.

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VACalendar screenshot


Custom Calendar for iOS in Swift

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VerticalCardSwiper screenshot


A marriage between the Shazam Discover UI and Tinder, built with UICollectionView in Swift.

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VLCircularTransition screenshot


Circular ViewController Transition - Replacement to Apple's boring Push/Present Transitions.

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Wallet screenshot


👉 GIF Preview https://github.com/rshevchuk/Wallet/raw/master/preview.gif?raw=true Wallet is a replica of Apple's Wallet. Add, delete or present your cards and passes.

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WeekCalender screenshot


Calendar week view

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(no image provided)



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activityIndicator screenshot


Activity Indicator

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AKSwiftSlideMenu screenshot


Slide Menu (Drawer) in Swift 2

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ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality

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DialScrollLayout screenshot


DialScrollLayout is collection view with scrolling cells with centering at corner of scrollview like old phone dial

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DOFavoriteButton screenshot


Cute Animated Button written in Swift.

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DynamicButton screenshot


Yet another animated flat buttons in Swift

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EssentialTableView screenshot


A detailed project on UITableView which includes Parallax effects, Collapse/Expand UITableViewCell, 3D Touch on UITableViewCell

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FlatButton screenshot


Layer based NSButton with Interface Builder exposed style options.

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FlexboxLayout screenshot


Port of Facebook's css-layout to Swift + a declarative way to construct views inspired by React.

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Hero screenshot


Supercharged transition engine for iOS.

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ImagePickerSheetController screenshot


ImagePickerSheetController is a component that replicates the custom photo action sheet in iMessage. It's very similar to UIAlertController which makes its usage simple and concise.

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