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DPLocalized screenshot


Change languages inside the app, no need to wait the screen to reboot any more

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SVCircularSlider screenshot


A Customizable and Interactive Circular Slider, the user can select any value between 0% and 100%

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SnackBar.swift screenshot


Snackbars provide brief feedback about an operation through a message at the bottom of the screen. Snackbars contain up to two lines of text directly related to the operation performed. They may co...

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OMJoystick screenshot


This is the JoyStick UI library for SwiftUI.

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Morse Code screenshot

Morse Code

Basic app which uses three basic features, Audio, Vibration and Flash. This app doesn't only play the audio it generates the audio as a sine wave, making audio frequency, speed, amplitude, etc high...

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Blurberry screenshot


Transparent realtime blur using UIVisualEffectView without subclassing. Supports iOS 14!

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NavigationKit screenshot


change navigation bar color and background image and title color for every single screen

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ShadowView screenshot


An easy to use, Interface Builder-compatible shadow view for iOS and written in Swift.

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Lambda PieChart screenshot

Lambda PieChart


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Velik screenshot


Not really ready to use control but many SwiftUI/Combine useful things to reuse

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DialCountries screenshot


DialCountries is a swift Controller. Provides country name, ISO 3166 country codes, country flag, and calling code

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NeumorphismKit screenshot


Neumorphism framework for UIKit.

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AYPopupPickerView screenshot


A Popup PickerView or DatePickerView

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LNPopupUI screenshot


A SwiftUI wrapper for LNPopupController framework

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MiniPlayer screenshot


Simple way to play music in your application

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RRPagingCollectionView screenshot


The simplest way to make your collection view pagination

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Stripes screenshot


Beautiful background pattern views for SwiftUI.

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DMInject screenshot


DMInject is a Dependency Manager that helps you to clear your code and be more productive.

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PullUpController screenshot


Pull up controller with multiple sticky points like in iOS Maps

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LittleBlueTooth screenshot


A simple library that helps you in connecting with BLE devices

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JXReviewController screenshot


Request rating by 1-5 stars.

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RRSwiftUIAPICalling screenshot


Alamofire API calling by RxSwift in SwiftUI

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RRFormValidation screenshot


Form validation by RxSwift with MVVM architecture

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KeyboardHelper screenshot


This class scrolls the screen upwards when the virtual keyboard is shown so that it doesn't cover the actual text field.

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StarRatingView screenshot


StarRatingView is a simple Star Rating View for displaying star ratings and entering them (by touching the stars). It's written for iOS, in Swift 5.1 (UIKit, not SwiftUI). It also works with Interf...

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