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JNWLabel screenshot


A light-weight CATextLayer wrapper for OS X.

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YIDragScrollBar screenshot


Attaches draggable scroll bar on top of original UIScrollView for iOS5+, works like a charm.

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BButton 3.0 screenshot

BButton 3.0

Twitter Bootstrap Buttons for iOS.

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KBPopupBubble screenshot


Twitter-style popup bubbles with dynamic, animated pointer arrows.

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UIColor+MLPFlatColors screenshot


UIColor+MLPFlatColors is a category for UIColor that adds class methods to conveniently produce 20 new colors designed for flat or semi-flat interface designs. It also adds some methods for choosin...

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WSCoachMarksView screenshot


WSCoachMarksView is an iOS drop-in class that displays user coach marks with a rectangular cutout over an existing UI. This approach leverages your actual UI as part of the onboarding process for y...

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KIImagePager screenshot


This image pager lets you load and swipe through a series of images. It's easy to implement and provides a nice way of presenting a not-fullscreen-gallery to your user. This control looks a bit lik...

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PathMenuExample screenshot


Path 2.0's iPhone app has a really neat navigation system. This is a simple example of how to add a similar menu menu system to your iPhone app. Just run the example and click on the nice red butto...

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OpenPics screenshot


OpenPics is an iOS application for viewing images from multiple remote sources. Currently implemented are searching the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress. Good examples of usi...

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AAActivityAction screenshot


AAActivityAction is Reeder like ActionSheet. Method architecture is inspired by UIActivity and UIActivityViewController.

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UINavigationBarAdjustableTint screenshot


A subclass of UINavigationBar that allows you to control the level of tint brightness that is applied to the tintColor

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Kingpin screenshot


A drop-in MKAnnotation clustering library for iOS. * Uses a 2-d tree under the hood for maximum performance * No subclassing required, making the library easy to integrate with existing projects.

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MDRadialProgress screenshot


A custom UIView useful to represent progress in discrete steps. Current version 1.3.2. It has the following features: * Draw progress in separated slices or as a single arc. * Can customi...

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Star Rating View screenshot

Star Rating View

Drop in 5 Star Rating View - Swipe / Tap to change rating, swipe left to reset - Animated / Non animated - Label / without label - Debug mode with colors

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REImageSprite screenshot


CSS-like image sprites for iOS apps.

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MSMatrixController screenshot


A component to organize your view controllers in a gesture-based a 2D matrix.

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SliderSwitch screenshot


A custom windowed slider designed by Chris Norstrom which can be use to replace UISwitch.

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Nocilla screenshot


Testing HTTP requests has never been easier. Nocilla: Stunning HTTP stubbing for iOS and Mac OS X.

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EtPanKit screenshot


EtPanKit is an Objective-C interface for the libEtPan email framework for Mac. It features fast, efficient, and secure IMAP and SMTP connections, abstract classes for maximum subclass-ability, an a...

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M6ParallaxController screenshot


Parallax controller for a parallaxed view and a table view

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APExtendedPageController screenshot


A view controller scrolling experience inspired by Google Chrome.

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RKCropImageController screenshot


UPD: There is a bug with image rotation when capturing from camera. Will fix soon. This is modal-style crop image controller that supports zooming. Zoom an image with your fingers to crop more...

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CLFContainerViewController screenshot


CLFContainerViewController makes it much easier to create custom container view controllers. With this class, you can create container view controllers whose children occupy the entire bounds of...

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DOTabbar screenshot


Lightweight and customizable tab bar control with support for grouping items for Mac OSX.

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MSPullToRefreshController screenshot


Allows you to have implement a "pull to refresh" control on any UIScrollView. Why is better than other implementations? - It's unintrusive, and simply observes the content offset of the scroll vi...

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