6414 open source UI components
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JDAnimationKit screenshot


JDAnimationKit provides a simple syntax for perform many common animations while allowing you to add physics properties such as springs all with a clean and chainable syntax.

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Pulsator screenshot


Pulse animation for iOS

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QueuedAlertPresenter screenshot


A QueuedAlertPresenter serializes the presentation of alerts (including across multiple threads). Use it when your code needs to present alerts in rapid succession, where the user may not be able to keep up with the alerts, or when your code may put up an alert while another is still being shown. QueuedAlertPresenter ensures all alerts get shown.

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FPActivityIndicator screenshot


A simple activity indicator. Written in Swift. Simple and customisable from Interface builder and by code

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PayPal implementation using Swfit screenshot

PayPal implementation using Swfit

Integration of PayPal SDK using Swift.

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SwiftyVerticalScrollBar screenshot


A custom scrollbar for a UIScrollView or UIScrollView's subclasses written by Swift.

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TRexAboutWindowController screenshot


A swift clone of PFAboutWindow to add a Xcode 6 like About Window to your OSX Applications.

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SkyFloatingLabelTextField screenshot


A beautiful and flexible text field control implementation of "Float Label Pattern", written in Swift. As used in the Skyscanner TravelPro iOS app.

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RPCircularProgress screenshot


UIView subclass written in Swift to show circular progress.

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APFeedBack screenshot


Feedback to send iOS enabled developer NSLog file create .txt

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