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FTShare - an easy way to share using Facebook Twitter and Mails screenshot

FTShare - an easy way to share using Facebook Twitter and Mails

October 21, 2011 • MIT License
FTshare allows you to set up a share instance on your application delegate and then share using the most common social networks (and more to come). It is as easy as setting up your developer accoun...
BJRangeSliderWithProgress screenshot


October 17, 2011 • MIT License
A "progress bar" that also allows you to select a range. I use it to indicate progress of recording audio, represent trimming it, and then playing back only the selected range.
STableViewController screenshot


October 15, 2011 • MIT License
This is deprecated in favor of the newer SKStatefulTableViewController: https://github.com/shiki/SKStatefulTableViewController STableViewController is a custom table view controller that support...
JTRevealSidebar screenshot


October 11, 2011 • MIT License
An iOS objective-c library template for mimic the sidebar layout of the new Facebook app.
AUIAnimatedText screenshot


October 09, 2011 • MIT License
A drop-in UILabel replacement that makes almost all text properties animatable by using a CATextLayer instead of CALayer. The important animatable properties are textColor, text, font and fontSize.
ios-calendar screenshot


October 06, 2011 • MIT License
ios-calendar is a stylable month calendar view for use in iPhone applications. It uses Three20 framework heavily, especially for styling. While there are existing implementations (Kal and TKCalend...
LKBadgeView screenshot


October 05, 2011 • MIT License
LKBadgeView class draws text on round rect 'badge'.
CPAnimationSequence screenshot


October 04, 2011 • MIT License
Declarative UIView animation sequences. With this component you can declaratively describe animation sequences that consist of multiple steps. (Oh, and then you can run them, if you like.)
LKNumberPad screenshot


September 22, 2011 • MIT License
Custom number keyboard view.
graphael-objc screenshot


September 20, 2011 • MIT License
Objective-C wrapper for gRaphael graph charting library.
XBPageCurl screenshot


September 18, 2011 • MIT License
A page curl animation/transition for views in iOS that intends to mimic the behavior of the pages in apps like iBooks and GoogleMaps for iOS.
ABPadLockScreen screenshot


September 16, 2011 • MIT License
ABPadLockScreen aims to provide a universal solution to providing a secure keypad/pin lock screen to your iPhone or iPad app. With just a few lines you can have a full lock screen module ready to go.
RBFilePreviewer screenshot


September 11, 2011 • MIT License
RBFilePreviewer is a wrapper around Apple's QLPreviewController. Ease of use is its primary design. It can be dropped into any project and used right away. Unlike QLPreviewController, RBFilePreview...
PhotoAppLink screenshot


September 05, 2011 • MIT License
PhotoAppLink is an open source library allowing your iOS photo app to launch other participating photo apps while passing along the current image. This will allow users to easily process an imag...
TPMultiLayoutViewController screenshot


August 30, 2011 • MIT License
A drop-in UIViewController subclass that automatically manages switching between different view layouts for portrait and landscape orientations.
FTCoreTextView screenshot


August 26, 2011 • MIT License
CoreText wrapper to draw rich text with HTML-like tags.
FireUIPagedScrollView screenshot


August 24, 2011 • MIT License
Very nice UIScrollView ready to handle View Controllers as pages, handle orientation changes and integrate with UIPageControl and UISegmentedControl out of the box. Features: - Handles Orienta...
HPGrowingTextView screenshot


August 19, 2011 • MIT License
An UITextView which grows/shrinks with the text and starts scrolling when the content reaches a certain number of lines. Similar to the one Apple uses in the SMS-app. See blog-post for a small (out...
PDF Reader Core screenshot

PDF Reader Core

August 17, 2011 • MIT License
Open source PDF reader code for fellow iOS developers struggling with wrangling PDF files onto iOS device screens. The code is universal and does not require any XIBs (as all UI elements are cod...
KKGridView screenshot


August 16, 2011 • MIT License
High-performance grid view for iOS.