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EZSwiftExtensions screenshot


How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work.

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JSTokenField screenshot


An iOS token field based on the behaviour and functionality provided by Mail.app's email recipient field.

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JTListView screenshot


Multi-directional table view.

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KGNoise screenshot


Cocoa noise drawing code + a ready to go noise view!

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DAPagesContainer screenshot


A generic view container with a scrollable top bar. Just pass the array of view controllers and DAPagesContainer will grab their titles and nicely display them in the top bar. The titles will be...

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DETweetComposeViewController screenshot


An iOS 4 compatible version of the TWTweetComposeView controller. Otherwise known as the Tweet Sheet.

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EGOPhotoViewer screenshot


Quick PhotoViewer for the iPhone. Built upon EGOImageLoading and EGOCache.

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ISRefreshControl screenshot


An iOS4-compatible version of the UIRefreshControl, introduced in iOS 6.

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MDSpreadView screenshot


A 2D table view for iOS apps! Demo available at https://github.com/mochidev/MDSpreadViewDemo

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MLPSpotlight screenshot


MLPSpotlight is a UIView subclass created to display a spotlight effect over a specific point on the screen in a convenient manner.

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AGImagePickerController screenshot


AGImagePickerController is a image picker controller that allows you to select multiple photos and can be used for all iOS devices.

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MAConfirmButton screenshot


MAConfirmButton is an animated subclass of UIButton that replicates and improves upon the behavior of the AppStore “Buy Now” buttons. Built and animated with Core Animation layers, it is completely...

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MultiColumnTableViewForiOS screenshot


A multi-column table view based on the UITableView for iOS.

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NMRangeSlider screenshot


NMRangeSlider is custom iOS control that gives you a UISlider like UI for selecting a range of values. The range slider can be configured using a set of images in much the same way as UISlider. ...

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TSMessages screenshot


This framework provides an easy to use class to show little notification views on the top of the screen. (à la Tweetbot). The notification moves from the top of the screen underneath the navigat...

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TSPopover screenshot


UIPopover like UI (with ActionSheet) for iPhone

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BDDynamicGridViewController screenshot


Data-aware view controller that displays a UIView list (typically, UIImageView list) in a row-dominated grid layout. This class automatically lay out the UIViews with help from a delegate class (wh...

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FaceWrapper-iphone screenshot


Wrapper class to detect faces from http://face.com, you will need an API key and API Secret which you can get in developer.face.com. This controller implements a custom object called FWObject wh...

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HMGLTransitions screenshot


HMGLTransitions is set of classes which can animate transition between two UIViews, or presentation / dismissing of UIViewControllers.

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JMTabView screenshot


Dark-themed tab view rendered in Core Graphics (ie. no images need to be added to your project). Manages the layout of buttons and icons automatically. Tabs can be added simply by calling: [...

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MDAboutController screenshot


A complete About UIViewController package for iOS apps. It automatically fetches info from your Info.plist, and also populates credits from Credits.plist.

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MHPagingScrollView screenshot


A UIScrollView subclass that shows previews of the pages on the left and right. It uses a delegate much in the way UITableView uses a data source. This is largely based on WWDC 2010 session 104 ...

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OLGhostAlertView screenshot


OLGhostAlertView allows you to present a translucent view with a title and an optional message on the bottom of the screen. Use it to inform your user about temporary issues that do not require any...

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PickerTableViewCell screenshot


UIPickerView as a keyboard view for UITableViewCell.

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Proper data models with JSONModel screenshot

Proper data models with JSONModel

Every other app or so use some kind of either JSON feed or a JSON based API for its backed. Few though are built to be robust, stable and performant; the proper way to work with JSON is to use data...

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