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ViperTemplate screenshot


Viper Template makes the process of generation of the Viper's modules easier and faster.

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Visuality screenshot


Library for iOS that simplifies work with UI. Written in Swift.

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VKAdBannerView screenshot


VKAdBannerView allows you to make offline Ad with your content.

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VKAfterTimeTextField screenshot


VKAfterTimeTextField is a sub-class of UITextField which allows you to know when user edited it last time during current use session. Also it allows to notify after specific time interval when user...

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VKBarChartView screenshot


Drag & drop custom UIView bar chart with animating bars.

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VK Music screenshot

VK Music

The app is designed for listening to music from vk.com social network.

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VKPinCodeView screenshot


VKPinCodeView is simple and elegant UI component for input PIN. You can easily customise appearance and get auto fill (OTP) iOS 12 feature right from the box.

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VKPopupView screenshot


Lightweight and easy to use blurred popup view written in Swift. You will find it very similar to your iOS folders at Springboard (Home screen).

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VKProgressHud screenshot


Hey All! As it is obvious from the GIF, this project is a LoadingIndicator based on CoreAnimation.

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VKProgressPie screenshot


This project is a plug and play - Customisable Live Rendering Radial Progress Indicator. All written in Swift4 latest syntax. Based on CoreAnimation framework. One can use either Storyboard or cod...

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VKSentimentAnalysis screenshot


This project is a demo on using CoreML framework for sentiment analysis of text. .mlmodel was developed from Scikit-learn Pipeline using coremltools python package. More details here : https://deve...

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VKStackImageView screenshot


This project uses CoreAnimation to mimic StackView from iOS. I have used UIImageView as the Base View for Stack.

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VMMultiHandleSlider screenshot


A mimic of iPhoto's multi-handle slider. For more information, please check the github repo.

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VPAccordionAnimation screenshot


Accordion Animation for UITableView cell expansion and collapsing

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VPCollectionViewLayout screenshot


VPCollectionViewLayout is a helper class for displaying collection view cells in different flow layouts. The UI can be customized in different ways

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VPRangeSlider screenshot


2 Way Range Slider for iOS

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VSAlert screenshot


An drop-in replacement for UIAlertController with more customization and better styling.

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VSCollectionKit screenshot


VSCollectionKit is handy framework supporting funtionality of a UICollectionView or UICollectionViewController with much easier than way we work with UICollectionView, and avoiding a lot of collect...

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VSVerticalSlider screenshot


An animatable and customizable vertical slider written in Swift4.

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VueFlux screenshot


Unidirectional Data Flow State Management Architecture for Swift - Inspired by Vuex and Flux

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Vulcan screenshot


Multi image downloader with priority in Swift

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VYPlayIndicator screenshot


PlayIndicator inspired by Apple's Music Player.

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WACoreDataSpotlight screenshot


Automatically index your CoreData objects to CoreSpotlight on iOS 9

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Walker screenshot


An animation engine and library

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WatchCon screenshot


WatchCon is a tool which enables creating easy connectivity between iOS and WatchOS.

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