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SWImageRotation screenshot


iOS project to rotate and flip image.

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MAGearRefreshControl screenshot


A fully customizable iOS refresh control with gear animation. The component is based on an UIView subclass, so you can simply use it anywhere you want within your application, not necessarily as a refresh control !

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AFSwiftDateExtension screenshot


Extension to NSDate made in Swift to make life easier. Here some functionalities: compare dates using common compare operators: >, >=, <, <=, get interval between dates using custom operator >-<, add date components by using aritmethic operators, curryed functions for add/subtract date components

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RFAboutView screenshot


RFAboutView is an easy, drop-in solution to display copyright, support, privacy and other information while also automatically crediting the developers of third-party Cocoapods.

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Resign screenshot


OSX utility to resign the IPA files

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LocalizationManager screenshot


OSX utility app to manage the localization .strings files

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FuriganaTextView screenshot


A simple wrapper view for UITextView that can display Furiganas.

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FMDBHelper screenshot


Easier to use FMDB, support the ORM and JSON into Model.

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ReflectableEnum screenshot


Reflection for enumerations in Objective-C.

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CalendarLib screenshot


A set of views and controllers for displaying and scheduling events on iOS. It contains a day planner view, a month planner view and a year view as well as specialized controllers for use with EventKit.

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