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ZAlertView screenshot


A customizable AlertView written in Swift.

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ZCarousel screenshot


A Swift Carousel made with Paged UIScrollView

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ZDYoutubeBrowser screenshot


ZDYoutubeBrowser is a Objective-C module for iPhone to search videos in a table interface similar to the YouTube app. Be sure to run 'git submodule update --init' upon first clone of ZDYoutubeBrowser.

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ZGNavigationBarTitle screenshot


ZGNavigationBarTitle -- Subtitle on NavigationBar with awesome animation.

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ZLColorSlider screenshot


Color Slider to choose a color in iOS.

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ZLHistogramAudioPlot screenshot


A hardware-accelerated audio visualization view using EZAudio, inspired by AudioCopy.

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ZLMailComposerViewController screenshot


A Customized Email Composer for iOS.

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ZLPeoplePickerViewController screenshot


A drop-in contact picker that supports UILocalized​Indexed​Collation

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ZMScrollableNavigationBar screenshot


A UINavigationController category that allows the UINavigationBar to scroll with the content (iOS 8 only). This is not an all-in-one blackbox control. It's just taking care of animating the UINavigationBar and gives, as an example, a way of doing it while scrolling. But, it is flexible enough for you to implement it for your own use case.

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ZoomImageView screenshot


UI component library to expand the photo, such as Apple's Photos app

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