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WatchNote screenshot


⌚️ 🤓 Controlling your Keynote using Apple Watch

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watchOS-3-heartrate screenshot


watchOS 3.0 healthkit, heartrate streaming, start workout session, Swift3

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WaveLabelDemo screenshot


波浪经过文字,文字改变颜色。Waves pass through words, and words change colours.

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WCGitTagsPlugin screenshot


An Xcode plugin which lets you add tagging ability to Source Control

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WeatherFontIcon screenshot


Using Font Icon Set within Label to display weather icon

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WebController screenshot


A simple WKWebView library. You can simply modify the bottom ToolBar. There is a ProgressView so you can see the Load status of WebView. Once you receive your app's schema from DeepLink or Universa...

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WeekdayPicker screenshot


WeekdayPicker is a custom UIDatePicker with weekdays.

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WeekdaysSegmentedControl screenshot


A Custom segmented control to select weekdays for iOS.

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WeekViewDemo screenshot


A simple clone of the day ticker/week view functionality used in Fantastical, using UICollectionView.

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WeexiOSKit screenshot


Weex,A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI . WeexiOSKit,extend some components and modules on iOS

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WeiChuang-SmartHome screenshot


A smart home controller with beautiful UI. Which base on TCP.First of all, register an account, them click the setting button to connect the server.

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Welcome2ProjectKit screenshot


🎯Create a Xcode-like welcome window.

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WhatDog screenshot


A simple dog recognition app

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Wheel-Controller screenshot


Rotating Wheel Custom Controller (with a hole)

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WHWeatherAnimation screenshot


WeatherAnimation(sun, cloud, rain, thunderstorm, snow)

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WidgetKit screenshot


Lightweight iOS framework for creating codeless native apps.

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WinguGallery screenshot


Simple Gallery that allows zooming, pagination and GIFs support. Can be attached inside `UIView` as well as in fullscreen.

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WIZSideToolBar screenshot


A pop-up dynamic menu on the right side of the screen.

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WKBridge screenshot


WKScriptMessageHandler greatly simplifies the message handler from javascript running in a webpage. WKScript provides a more efficiently way for both sending and receiving messages through WKScript...

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WKT Parser  screenshot

WKT Parser

WKTParser Library have any conversions, parsers and formats. This library allow you parser three main types of WKT data: points, lines and polygons (single, multi, 2D and 3D). Also you can convert ...

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WovenStar screenshot


iOS port of Woven star: https://dribbble.com/shots/1691328-Woven-star

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WOWCardStackView screenshot


Swapable Card Stack View in Swift 3

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WPAttributedMarkup screenshot


WPAttributedMarkup is a simple utility category that can be used to easily create an attributed string from text with markup tags and a style dictionary.

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WRCalendarView screenshot


Calendar Day and Week View for iOS

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WYChart screenshot


A simple and elegant Chart library with rich animations.Include line, pie and radar chart.

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