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AAPullToRefresh screenshot


A pull to refresh library that lets you pull from any of your screen's four sides.

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AccordionTableViewController screenshot


Swift version of https://github.com/klevison/KMAccordionTableViewController

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ALFullScreenAlert screenshot


This is a full screen alert which is useful to display some messages to the user. It provides the creation of 2 buttons.

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Animating Navigation Bar screenshot

Animating Navigation Bar

animate the navigation bar while scrolling

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Animations-in-iOS screenshot


Used to apply many kind of animations in your apps.

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APDynamicHeaderTableViewController screenshot


A simple table view controller with a header view made as a recreation of the Instagram header written in Swift. It's a very simple control that I whipped up in a few days and the header is simply a UIView so you can tweak it, add images, or even make it a tableview. I loved the way the Instagram header was so simple and how it collapsed and expanded when you scrolled so I made a simple clone of it.

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Apple Watch Simulateur screenshot

Apple Watch Simulateur

English I create this project to let you create and test your prototype for Apple Watch. It can be run on iPhone and iPad. Français Je crée ce projet pour vous permettre de créer et de tester votre prototype pour Apple Watch. Il peut être exécuté sur iPhone et iPad. 日本語 私はこのプロジェクトを、アップルウォッチ用プロトタイプの作成、及びテストのために開発しました。 iphone及びiPad にて動作します。

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BCCollectionView screenshot


A more versatile, faster and lighter replacement for NSCollectionView. Note: This is a fork of pieteromvlee's code. I will replace my repo with his as soon as he merges my changes in or adds a different example.

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BDCustomAlert screenshot


Custom alertview supported with two and one button. Also supporting toast message in iOS.

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BDPassCodeView screenshot


BDPassCodeView is a custom pin lock for ios written in objective c. It supports 4 and 6 digit lock screen. And also support otp enter feature.

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