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KVNBoundedImageView screenshot


KVNBoundedImageView attempts to keep faces visible and centered in a UIImageView. It is designed to be easy to use and extensible for different types of image detection. With configurable detection speed, operation queues, caching, and utilizing the optimized image rendering of UIImageView (no custom drawing here), KVNBoundedImageView aims to be as fast as possible, without blocking the main thread when heavy lifting is needed. Simple image loading via a URL is also available.

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LanguageManger-iOS screenshot


Language manger used to handle change app language without restart the app

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LatoFont screenshot


Brings Lato font to iOS.

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LetterpressPopup screenshot


A simple popup that flashes a message to the user through a cool animation that slightly expands the popup past its limit, waits, and then reverses back to nothing.

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LineChart screenshot


This control demonstrates a way to build your own line chart without using any third-party library. It contains a simple yet effective algorithm to build a curved line through a set of points. I don't recommend you to import LineChart.swift directly into your project because it is build for demonstration purpose only. However, you should modify it according to your needs. Medium tutorial: https://medium.com/@leonardnguyen/building-your-own-chart-in-ios-part-2-line-chart-7b5cfc7c866

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LPBicikeljStationsFunctions screenshot


LPBicikeljStationsFunctions is an iOS library that provides easy access to BicikeLJ http://www.bicikelj.si/

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MACustomKeyboard-iOS screenshot


A Simple custom Numeric Keyboard written in Objective C. You can handle it either blocks or delegate.

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MARKRangeSlider screenshot


A custom reusable slider control with 2 thumbs (range slider). Values range is between `minimumValues` and `maximumValue` (from 0 to 1 by default). The left thumb isn't able to go on the right side of the right thumb, and vice versa. Control enables multitouch (to use 2 fingers at 2 thumbs at the same time). Please check Demo project for a basic example on how to use MARKRangeSlider. ### Available control properties: - `minimumValue` - the minimum value of the slider's range - `maximumValue` - the maximum value of the slider's range - `leftValue` - the value of the left thumb - `rightValue` - the value of the right thumb - `minimumDistance` - the distance between 2 thumbs (thumbs can't be closer to each other than this distance) ## Available styling properties: Images are customisable, default ones are used when no image is provided. - `trackImage` - track background image - `rangeImage` - range background image - `leftThumbImage` - left thumb image - `rightThumbImage` - right thumb image

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MBButtonMenuViewController screenshot


MBButtonMenuController is a UIViewController subclass that implements something similar to UIActionSheet. It offers an unlimited number of buttons, a delegate for handling taps, and a cool visual effect when it's presented. Give it a whirl and feel free to contribute.

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Mentions screenshot


An easy way to add mentions and hashtags.

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