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ITPathbar screenshot


November 25, 2012 • BSD License
ITPathbar is a subclass of NSPathComponent that allows making a custom design.
KSPasswordField screenshot


November 20, 2012 • BSD License
An easy-to-hook-up "Show password" checkbox, and automatically trims whitespace when pasting or dragging passwords.
KBButton screenshot


November 13, 2012 • MIT License
An OS X button adapted from BButton. Adds Twitter Bootstrap style buttons to OS X
CNBackstageController screenshot


November 12, 2012 • MIT License
CNBackstageController is an derivative of NSWindowController and a special impelementation to show you the content you would like to see. The goal of CNBackstageController is to provide the develop...
OBMenuBarWindow screenshot


November 09, 2012 • BSD License
OBMenuBarWindow is an NSWindow subclass that can be attached to an icon the menu bar or dragged away to become a regular window.
JHWaveform screenshot


October 30, 2012 • BSD License
An NSView subclass that draws a waveform overview. The view provides an optional ruler, grid and allows selection. JHWaveformView is able to graph any float* array, and a subclass, JHAudioPreviewVi...
MMFlowView screenshot


October 14, 2012 • BSD License
MMFlowView is a class designed to support the "CoverFlow" effect and it is intended to use in a similar way like IKImageBrowserView. It supports all the image types (URLs, NSImage, Icons, QuartzCom...
MMTabBarControl screenshot


October 04, 2012 • BSD License
A modernized, now view based, re-write of good old cell based PSMTabBarControl. Uses blocks and view animations. Compatible with OSX 10.6.x-10.8.x. Needs Xcode 4 to compile. New Styles 'Card' and '...
Sonora screenshot


September 23, 2012 • BSD License
A minimal, beautifully designed music player for OS X 10.7
BFPageControl screenshot


August 30, 2012 • MIT License
A page control for the Mac. It's usage is similar to that of UIPageControl (iOS).
BFColorPickerPopover screenshot


August 25, 2012 • BSD License
BFColorPickerPopover is a subclass of NSPopover that includes the standard OS X color picker user interface. This helps reducing the inspector window and panel clutter on the screen, as the popover...
PSMTabBarControl screenshot


August 22, 2012 • BSD License
PSMTabBarControl remains the best way to have Safari-style tabs in your app. This fork makes it easy to use PSMTabBarControl when developing apps for 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 using Xcode 4. It is also ...
DMInspectorPalette screenshot


July 27, 2012 • MIT License
DMInspectorPalette is an NSScrollView that supports dynamic loading of NSView grouped by section as like in XCode Inspector Window. You can collapse or expand an item in order to hide or show it's...
JFImageSavePanel screenshot


June 26, 2012 • MIT License
NSSavePanel wrapper for image save dialogs, similar to those in Preview.app.
MKPopoverColorWell screenshot


June 23, 2012 • MIT License
A better looking NSColorWell, with a simple popover color picker.
DMTabBar screenshot


June 21, 2012 • MIT License
DMTabBar is a simple segmented control / bar that mimics the XCode 4 Inspector segmented control.
HMLabel screenshot


June 21, 2012 • BSD License
Finder like color label control. include label control, label select field, label select menu item and label cell.
InspectorTabBar screenshot


June 03, 2012 • Public Domain License
Tab bar like in the Xcode inspector
DHHighlightedWebView screenshot


May 13, 2012 • MIT License
Drop-in WebView subclass that adds Safari-style in-page search-result highlighting.
JUEmptyView screenshot


May 13, 2012 • MIT License
Another shameless copy of an Xcode 4 component. A NSView subclass that displays a custom message inside a bubble whenever the view becomes empty (that is, it doesn't have any subviews). When a view...