Have an issue with a control you've found on the site? Wondering how something works? Read through the FAQ: we have answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on the site.

The project won't compile because it's missing files

Most likely, the project uses Git submodules. You'll need to clone the repository and then pull down the dependencies

git clone [email protected]:owner/repo-name.git
cd repo-name
git submodule init
git submodule update --recursive      

The project won't compile because it's not using ARC and I am!

You can disable ARC on a per-file basis in Xcode. See this Stack Overflow post for more information.

The project won't compile because it's using ARC and I am not!

You can enable ARC on a per-file basis in Xcode. See this post on Codeography for more information.

I found a bug in a control, what should I do?

Your best bet is to post an issue on the GitHub repository. Although lots of control authors do watch comments on the repositories here, not all of them do.

My company/client requires us to not acknowledge any open source components in our project. Can I use this component?

IANAL. You should check with your legal counsel. If this is not possible, then I recommend contacting the author of the component to see if you can buy a commercial no-attribution license for the project from them. In fact, you should do this anyway, since it'll likely cost you a fraction of one hour of that lawyer's time, and you're saving yourself a huge amount of time by using a component that someone graciously built for free. Toss 'em a couple bucks!