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WCSBubbleView screenshot


3-tier Bubble view with title, detail, value and some options.

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SCAvatarBrowser screenshot


SCAvatarBrowser is a powerful and lightweight tool to create the view used to enlarge photos from their avatar previews. By using SCAvatarBrowser, you can make your avatar scalable, draggable an...

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PureForm screenshot


PureForm — the easiest way to build form such as login, questionnaire and etc. screens from JSON file. PureForm provides parsing properties and special params into objects for further manipulation ...

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Parent-Child ScrollView screenshot

Parent-Child ScrollView

Child ScrollView contents changes based on the selection of Parent ScrollView selected item. Parent and Child ScrollView contents added dynamically based on the each content length.

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SSPopup screenshot


Popup selection will enable use to select particular data from given array..

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FirebaseChat screenshot


This is a full native iPhone app to create realtime, text based group or private chat with Firebase.

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LMSideBarController screenshot


LMSideBarController is a simple side bar controller inspired by Tappy and Simon Hoang.

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WeexiOSKit screenshot


Weex,A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI . WeexiOSKit,extend some components and modules on iOS

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DRPLoadingSpinner screenshot


A customizable loading spinner and refresh control for iOS that's strikingly Material-like.

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GestureLockView screenshot


User Gesture lock & unlock View

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TOSearchBar screenshot


A basic re-implementation of UISearchBar, with better theming options and animations.

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PYPhotoBrowser screenshot


An easy way to browse photo(image) for iOS.

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AGPullView screenshot


A view, that can be used for showing your content above some other view by pulling it with touch. (ex. UITableView with your content above UIMapView)

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EZYGradientView-ObjC screenshot


Create gradients and blur gradients without a single line of code

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LNInterpolation screenshot


An interpolation framework for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, with provided interpolation implementation for numbers, CG values, UIKit and AppKit values and colors.

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EZRatingView screenshot


Star mark rating view with flat design for iOS6 and later. Note: This project is derivative from the original AXRatingView but added fine-grained control of symbols.

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RSCustomTabbarController screenshot


This is super flexible Custom tab bar controller implementation. You have the complete opportunity to customise according to your necessity.

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AFCurvedArrowView screenshot


A view to show a configurable arrow wherever you need. (Mostly useful for user guides) You don’t need to have different images for arrows for different screen sizes.

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HHSlideView screenshot


A custom segment control view with flat style.

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Catamaran screenshot


An easy way to get Social Newtworks authenticating by OAuth 2.0 on Objective-C via UIWebView

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PSProfileStepper screenshot


PSProfileStepper is custom implementation of stepper such as UISlider for show their step by its value 0,1,2.. and by change the color.

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FFAPSegmentedControl screenshot


Customized Segmented Control

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Xcode 8 headers (imports) sorting tool screenshot

Xcode 8 headers (imports) sorting tool

Xcode shortcut to sort #imports. Support Xcode 8

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WYChart screenshot


A simple and elegant Chart library with rich animations.Include line, pie and radar chart.

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ISMessages screenshot


This is simple extension for presenting system-wide cardview notifications from top of device screen.

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