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KVTimer screenshot


The circular timer for iOS - KVTimer

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CCPageViewController screenshot


A simple Page Menu View Controller, Easy to customize, UITableView-like API.

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BonMot screenshot


Beautiful, easy attributed strings for iOS

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ZHChat screenshot


An elegant messages UI library for iOS.

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EHHorizontalSelectionView screenshot


Horisontal list tableview style

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SHBinarySearchForRange screenshot


A simple library to perform binary search to find the nearest double/float value from a double/float array for a given double/float. ## Overview This cocoapod helps to find the nearest ceilin...

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SHTwoDimensionalArray screenshot


Easy to use two dimensional array for iOS applications. This CocoaPod provides the ability to use a two dimensional array that can be used using row and column index. **Installation** SHTwo...

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AFNetworking+RetryPolicy screenshot


Nice category that adds the ability to set the retry interval, retry count and progressive

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FCAlertView screenshot


FCAlertView is a Flat Customizable AlertView for iOS (Objective C)

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iAccordion screenshot


iAccordion is a class designed to show cards (credit cards, coupons, business cards, etc.) with a cool animation.

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SimpleBDD screenshot


Simple library for tests in BDD style, written with Objective-C.

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GDUnixSocket screenshot


Unix domain sockets are designed specifically for local interprocess communication. GDUnixSocket framework is an Objective-C object-oriented wrapper around unix sockets which allows you to abstr...

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BCMagicTransition screenshot


A MagicMove Style Custom VC Transiton

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A-SupperDrawing screenshot


Drawing any shape and output CGPath, CAShapeLayer, and UIImage base on super-formula

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VKAdBannerView screenshot


VKAdBannerView allows you to make offline Ad with your content.

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ParallaxScroll IOS screenshot

ParallaxScroll IOS

ParallaxScroll for iOS contains ParallaxViewController which is a subclass of UIViewController that create a nice paralax scroll view with top header is an image and bottom is content view to add p...

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SougouReading screenshot


Imitate a novel APP. Now I have completed those function: most of UI, webView, search fictions, add fictions to shelf and reading first chapter. If you like it, you can star my project. You can als...

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WeiChuang-SmartHome screenshot


A smart home controller with beautiful UI. Which base on TCP.First of all, register an account, them click the setting button to connect the server.

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CAPopUpViewController screenshot


simple pop up menu with a lot of customizations options.

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CollectionViewCell-animation screenshot


Delete UICollectionViewCell with 8 different Animations.I used CoreAnimation to realize its function. Long press cells,until cells vibrate,click the delete button then you can delete the cell what...

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TYDirectionFinder screenshot


Direction between two routes and showing direction path information.Please provide API key in TYGooglePlacesApiClient.h......... For Swift --> https://github.com/ThabreshVivid/TYDirectionSwift

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ASJOverflowButton screenshot


Android style overflow button for iOS

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ASJExpandableTextView screenshot


A UITextView with placeholder that can expand and contract according to its content

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ASJCollectionViewFillLayout screenshot


A flow layout style UICollectionViewLayout that fills the full width of the collection view

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ASJTagsView screenshot


Quickly create a view with tags with an option to delete

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