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ASJDropDownMenu screenshot


A drop down menu with embedded UITableView to list options

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ASJColoredScrollIndicators screenshot


Apply color to scroll indicators of any UIScrollView

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FTChatMessageDemoProject screenshot



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KVConstraintExtensionsMaster screenshot


It's simple and powerful API for adding/applying , accessing, & modifying existing constraints on a view by layout attribute.

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BubbleAnimation screenshot


Bubble animation and bounce animation

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DBAttachmentPickerController screenshot


This powerful component allows to select different types of files from different sources on your device.

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BRImagePicker (Whatsapp type Image picker) screenshot

BRImagePicker (Whatsapp type Image picker)

Choose multiple images from gallery. You can perform "Cropping" and you can add "Caption" as well for each selected image. You can select up to 10 images at a time.

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SMButtonDropAnimation screenshot


Tap On button then next button will come with bounce animation.

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ASHorizontalScrollerPaging screenshot


ASHorizontalScrollerPaging is a very simple control to display some screens for the first launch of your application or as an Image Gallery

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HXCurrencyConversion screenshot


Currency converter to support more than 100 kinds of global currency conversion

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NinaSelectionView screenshot


A dramatic way to select your buttons.

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UURCCentralizedTokenView screenshot


Customizable Centralized TokenView

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FTImageViewer screenshot


Preview images with just a few lines of code.

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FTIndicator screenshot


A light wight UI package contains local notification, progress HUD, toast, with blur effect, elegant API and themes Support for iOS. Inspried by Apple's process indicator and notifications.

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SCPinViewController screenshot


Super customization Pin controller.

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YangMingShan screenshot


YangMingShan is a collection of iOS UI components that we created while building Yahoo apps.

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FTFoldingTableView screenshot


FTFoldingTableView. Folding cells with simple delegates, and change UI looks in a few lines of code.

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BEFoldMenuViewController screenshot


Slide menu with Fold effect for iOS application

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HXInternationalizationDemo screenshot


App Internationalization demo. No need to restart the APP does not follow the system language

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FTPopOverMenu screenshot


A pop over menu for iOS which is maybe the easiest one to use. Now supports both portrait and landscape.

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HXTagsView screenshot


HXTagsView is a label that supports automatic layout tag. Features: - flow display label - Configuration label font size, color, border color, arc frame size, frame width, height, spacing, m...

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QRCodeReader screenshot


QRCodeReader framework help to Decode QRcode. QRCodeReader Framework for iOS developer, Very eazy implementation with delegate. Supported BarCodeType • PDF417 • QRCode • UPCECode • 39Cod...

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ZHBLE screenshot


ZHBLE using Block callback methods, aimed at making the system CoreBluetooth library function is called simple.

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NinaPagerView screenshot


NinaPagerView is a low-coupling view easy to page your controllers and views.

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GIFProgressHUD screenshot


GIFProgressHUD is a progress HUD with GIF for iOS. With a single line of code you can show or hide a GIF for progress. GIFProgressHUD also provide great customization for those who want something d...

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