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CollectionViewDragDrop screenshot


Smart Collection View where you can move between cells or create subfolder if needed It's my first control with possibility to reorder cells or create subfolder if needed. The control will change...

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WCSTimeline screenshot


Simple timeline with data model.

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JDPlayer screenshot


A video player for iOS based on AVFoundation,JDPlayer is powerful and easy to integrate in your project.

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AppleMusicAnimation screenshot


AppleMusicAnimation (Similar like apple music genre section screen) is a component which you can use to create a pool of subviews which can animated and will use physicis to animate on siwpe

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JVShopcart screenshot


An elegant and logical shopcart demo which has conventional function such as RadioButtonList、Multi-choice、delete and star, etc; it`s easy to reuse with the readme.

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KPDropMenu screenshot


KPDropMenu is an Objective-C port of HADropDown With Additional features

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DBDebugToolkit screenshot


Set of easy to use debugging tools for iOS developers & QA engineers. After an easy setup simply shake your device to open a menu inside your application, providing such features as: performance st...

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BSDropDown screenshot


It's to show dropdown menu list.

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GoogleLoginManager screenshot


Login Manager for Google (Google Plus Deprecated). Written in Swift 3.0 and Objective C.

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BBLocationManager screenshot


A Location Manager for easily implementing location services & geofencing in iOS.

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SRPopView screenshot


SRPopview is a simple drag and drop custom popview

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SampleProject screenshot


Getting on board with iOS can be intimidating. Neither Swift nor Objective-C are widely used elsewhere, the platform has its own names for almost everything, and it's a bumpy road for your code to ...

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KRSPhotoGallery screenshot


Custom gallery for multiple selection of images using collectionView

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ATDraggableDynamicView screenshot


Draggable view for implementing notifications cards like in Swarm application. Uses UIKit Dynamics for simulating physics. Please see animation demo GIF in source repo.

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BMASpinningLabel screenshot


BMASpinningLabel is an UI component which provides easy way for displaying and animating text inside it. Text changes animated as 'spins' either downwards or upwards.

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CMTabbarView screenshot


CMTabbarView is a scrolling tab bar,provides a simple to implement view like NetEase News

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Collapse View Expandable Layout screenshot

Collapse View Expandable Layout

Expandable Layout - Collapse View This is an iOS project that brings an expandable layout with animation.

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YBHud screenshot


A simple Hud with DGActivityIndicatorView

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SwipeCellKit screenshot


Swipeable UITableViewCell based on the stock Mail.app, implemented in Swift.

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HyRoundMenuView screenshot


Round menu

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ORBSwitch screenshot


Another custom iOS switch control.

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ORBVisualTimer screenshot


Highly customizable timer/progress bar view for iOS.

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Realtime Currency Formatter screenshot

Realtime Currency Formatter

An extremely simple class for formatting currencies. It has a static method ready to work with the `UITextFieldDelegate` formatting currencies while typing.

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SLPickerView screenshot


This component easily creates the entire interface and interaction of a UIPickerView in iOS applications.

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ManagedLog screenshot


This projects was created in order to improve the best way to see logs and events around the app when the app was in state of QA. We can logs events and see what information is send to service in ...

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