6421 open source UI components
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DBCameraButton screenshot


Customizable, IB_DESIGNABLE, iOS style camera button.

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AGVolumeControlView screenshot


Visual regulator can be connected to a player or other smart house’s device making the process of controlling the level of a particular characteristic

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RCMessageKit screenshot


RCMessageKit is a light-weight and easy-to-use Chat user interface framework for iOS.

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BSYellowPages screenshot


An iOS customizable ScrollIndicator

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WSProgressHUDIOS screenshot


This is a Progress HUD with good ios style. Easy to use and integrate and it can be used for asychronous image loader.

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BSStackView screenshot


3D Stacked View control for iOS

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UltraWeekCalendar screenshot


Clean and simple UI calendar control to select day through weeks

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TreeGraphView screenshot


Tree Graph Simple. You can make Tree Graph view using array. I can take a array and add relationship with data. Array Is this Format. --------------------------------------------------- NSMutableArray *dataArray = [NSMutableArray new]; // Demo Data Creation to represent the flat data [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@100}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@1000,@"mgr_id":@100}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@2000,@"mgr_id":@100}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@3000,@"mgr_id":@2000}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@4000,@"mgr_id":@1000}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@4001,@"mgr_id":@1000}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@5000,@"mgr_id":@4000}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@5001,@"mgr_id":@4000}]; [dataArray addObject:@{@"emp_id":@6002,@"mgr_id":@5000}];

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PlusExtended screenshot


Simple plus button menu expand for tab bar button. Idea from: https://dribbble.com/shots/3208361-Plus-expanded

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Giotto screenshot


Theme manager for your app: apply styles to anything you want through a plist file

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