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AERecord screenshot


Super awesome Core Data wrapper for iOS written in Swift

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AEXML screenshot


Simple and lightweight XML parser for iOS written in Swift

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YPDrawSignatureView screenshot


Easy and straight forward, it lets you draw a signature in an UIView. The signature can then be saved for use in an email, signing a PDF, your imagination is the limit. Made in Swift

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INTUGroupedArray screenshot


An Objective-C and Swift collection for iOS and OS X that stores objects grouped into sections. INTUGroupedArray is an Objective-C data structure that takes the common one-dimensional array to t...

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Panorific screenshot


An immersive, intuitive, motion-based way to explore high quality panoramas and photos on an iOS device. Panorific is implemented in Swift.

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DatePickerCell screenshot


Inline/Expanding date picker for table views. Written in swift.

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Anim screenshot


Animation library, using Core Animation. Designed for iOS. In Swift.

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Camembert screenshot


Use sqlite3 for iOS and OS X simply. Written in Swift, you can now store all your data, with the easy way ever.

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Scream.swift screenshot


UIKit's extensions to use closure in Swift. Scream.swift is a wrapper for UIKit that lets you replace target and selector with closure. self.button = (UIButton.buttonWithType(.Custom) as ...

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KWStepper screenshot


KWStepper is a stepper control written in Swift. Unlike UIStepper, KWStepper allows for a fully customized UI and provides optional delegate methods for tailoring the UX.

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