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Swift-Useful-Extensions screenshot


lots of categories i used in objc, rewrite in swift, more coming.

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PKLocationManager (Swift) screenshot

PKLocationManager (Swift)

A Swift based, centralized location manager, simplifying the CLLocationManager API by adding closures and automatically adjusting accuracy, based on the subscribers common needs.

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TaskQueue (Swift) screenshot

TaskQueue (Swift)

A great Swift class for managing asynchronous tasks that need to execute one after another. You just add tasks (as closures) to the queue and the queue takes care to execute them in the proper order. As a bonus TaskQueue just makes using Grand Central Dispatch in Swift very very easy. This is very useful for the cases you need to make a call to your API to fetch some data and then use the data to make another network call to perform a different operation. With TaskQueue this is very easy because you just schedule the network calls and the second one executes only when the first one has completed - and it's also very easy to pass data from the first to the second one. The GitHub repo contains detailed code example, so just head there and read trough the example.

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PKNetworkActivityController screenshot


A simple and lightweight network activity indicator controller written in Swift.

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PKHUD screenshot


A Swift based reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,…) for iOS 8.

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YLGIFImage-Swift screenshot


Swift implementation of YLGIFImage

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BSImagePicker screenshot


BSImagePicker is a multiple image picker for iOS 8

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SCLAlertView-Swift screenshot


Beautiful Alert View. Written in Swift

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MPGTextField screenshot


An autocomplete textfield for iOS which provides suggestions as you type. Written both in Swift and Objective C, the textfield can be configured to ensure that a selection is compulsorily made from the list of suggestions and gives you control over the size of the popover showing suggestions based on the text entered by the user.

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PASImageView screenshot


Rounded async imageview downloader lightly cached and written in Swift

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