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CGParallaxCollectionView screenshot


Extending Ole Begemann CGParallaxCollectionView to Swift.

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Tattle-UI screenshot


As a developer, we struggle to understand and reproduce few UI bugs reported by the beta-tester. In tester's point of view, tester writes paragraphs to explain a simple UI misalignment when they test. Tattle-UI solves this problem by providing simpler mechanism to get UI feedback from beta-testers.

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REDActionSheet screenshot


Tweetbot-style action sheet. Video: http://taylorswift.ly/T8B4

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TSCurrencyTextField screenshot


UITextField subclass for ATM-style currency-amount entry.

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NRSimplePlist [Swift + Obj-C] screenshot

NRSimplePlist [Swift + Obj-C]

Easy library to fetch and edit data from and to plists on the fly (Xcode) NOW WITH THE SWIFT VERSION! Very useful to store every persistent system data like UI colors, arrays, system music, prefs of user and everything a plist can store. Give it a try and save time with this library. Demo? Is a one-row approach so there are all the examples in the github's documentation. (English and Italian classes names) Now on CocoaPods!

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REDPuzzleGridView screenshot


A word puzzle board control, similar to Ruzzle's letter board Video: http://taylorswift.ly/QBtz

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MBCalendarKit screenshot


MBCalendarKit is a calendar control written in UIKit. I've found existing implementations to be inadequate and difficult to work with, so I rolled my own. MBCalendarKit supports iOS 7+, and works with CocoaPods and Swift. This project also contains a set of useful categories on NSCalendar and NSDate, so you can easily do date comparisons and date manipulation. Clone the repo and check out the Categories folder.

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SGViewPager screenshot


A collection of custom container UIViewController's. Including a modern one in swift

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TSAlertView screenshot


UIAlertView drop-in replacement. Supports stacked buttons, input fields, user-configurable size, and more.

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