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RichTextEditor_Swift screenshot


This is simple rich text editor written in swift.

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SwiftyNotifications screenshot


Highly configurable iOS UIView for presenting notifications that doesn't block the UI.

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PBTreeView screenshot


An UITreeView implementation from UITableView that Apple missed in its UIKit framework. And it is in pure Swift.

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SwiftyPredictor screenshot


Swift API for Yandex.Predictor service.

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ConcurrentDownloadsSwift3 screenshot


This project contains A-Z details of how to support concurrent downloads in Swift3 via remote URLs. Also saving the downloaded files to your local directory && viewing them in offline mode && also ...

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Pomegranate screenshot


Pomegranate is an open source project used to create beautiful UI and make stressful tasks easy.

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DTTextField screenshot


DTTextField is a UITextField library with floating placeholder and error label

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MMDrawController screenshot


Can set slider on rear and front , more easily for setting size and controller

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BubblePicker screenshot


This provide custom UIPickerView controller with multiple components

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TinyConstraints screenshot


TinyConstraints is the syntactic sugar that makes Auto Layout sweeter for human use.

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