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AtomicSwift screenshot


The atomic qualifier Swift was missing

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curvyRoute screenshot


Display curvy routes on iOS, MapKit

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DuctTape screenshot


📦 KeyPath dynamicMemberLookup based syntax sugar for Swift.

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StylableNavigationBar screenshot


🧸 StylableNavigationBar provide a lightweight replacement for a standard UINavigationController, so you can easily manage your navigation and status bar styles throughout your iOS app

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CharacterCounter screenshot


A library that provides counter label component that can be added as a subview to a view or can be used as a keyboard accessory view

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MHWebViewController screenshot


An Instagram inspired Web View Controller.

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AVCalendar screenshot


A customisable calendar/date picker for iOS.

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MVCacher screenshot


Caches any data in Swift!

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NSVPullToRefresh screenshot


PullToRefresh for any kind of view.

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NSVLocalizationKit screenshot


So basically you will set localizable keys from storyboard and it will localize it, the main idea is when you have in app language change, you will have to subscribe to language change notification to update your UI, this library will automatically update any text set from storyboard, so you will not have to localize it from code, and subscribe to notifications. It is helpful when you have in app language change.

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